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Youth Leadership

The Elk Lake Eco Centre is a leading provider for outdoor youth leadership and recreation in Northern Ontario. Our facility was designed with education in mind.

Our board rooms, training rooms, indoor and outdoor exhibitory make our facility the perfect place for a completely conducive day of learning. Our conference rooms are ideally suited for up to sixty (60) individuals in a classroom style format. Each room contains state of the art technology, wireless internet and access to professional trainers that help you achieve desired learning outcomes.

Our relaxed atmosphere lends itself to learning and knowledge retention. So, why not visit the Elk Lake Eco Centre and help students rediscover the good things in life. It is time to discover, understand and appreciate nature, all while having fun in teaching the importance of youth leadership!

The Eco Centre is environmentally friendly.

Youth Development | providing essential tools.

The Elk Lake Eco Centre staff has dedicated themselves to help promote and develop youth leadership programs, for students coming from all around Ontario.

We are honoured to work with groups of potential youth leaders, while creating a friendly, enjoyable environment that results in voluntarily active and persistent participation!

We provide each and every youth the essential tools to succeed and grow as an individual, as well as a team member. The program is put together to help these young learners achieve better results in school, to gain more self-confidence, to enhance their time management and to help them set achievable goals.

Envirothon winners celebrate with a team picture,

Envirothon Challenge

We are longstanding partners of the Ontario Envirothon. An opportunity to reward students for learning about their natural surroundings. The challenge proactively encourages interactive studies in order for students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.
Learn more about the Envirothon Challenge and the steps you need to take in order to join.

Envirothon Challenge


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Take your students on a educational road trip to the Eco Centre.

Educational Trips

We are the ideal location in Temiskaming for a day trip to explore culture, nature and recreation. Itineraries for day trips are a threefold: one-third environmental education, one-third recreation to reinforce the value of team playing and the fun of active living, and one-third relaxation to take in the incredible scenery.
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Field Trips


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Educational Gallery | lifelong experiences.

The Eco Centre

The Eco Centre

From work to play and eating to sleeping, we are glad to offer you a top of the line experience.

Discover our breathtaking centre and chalet amenities.

The Centre

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Rates & Packages

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